Excursions in the North

Seal Centre in Pieterburen

A visit to the Seal Centre in Pieterburen brings you in a real seal hospital! In Pieterburen. Here you’ll find seals that have run into problems and are treated and cared for by specialists and volunteers from all over the world.
There are plenty of activities here where you can learn everything about seals and their habitat: the World Heritage Wadden Sea. Outside, you can also watch seals in their basins while sitting on the terrace or getting dirty from the Wadden Sea playground. You can get a guided tour behind the scenes or maybe board the ship ‘Happy Seal’ for a trip to the Wadden Sea. Regularly trips are organized to spot seals in the wild or to release recovered seals.


National Park Lauwersmeer

This park is located on the border between Groningen and Friesland. Previously, the area was connected to the sea. In 1969 a dam was placed here to protect against flooding. The park is a bird paradise! From the various bird watching huts and viewpoints you get a beautiful view of the birds. More than 100 bird species brood in the area, tens of thousands of geese hibernate in winter each year. If you would like more information about the area and the many bird species that inhabit it, please visit the Lauwersnest activity centre in Lauwersoog. Staatsbosbeheer also regularly organises various excursions and there are beautiful cycle routes.

The fishing village Zoutkamp

In the monumental Rijksbetonningsloods, centrally located on the old inner harbour, the Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp has been established since 1994. Here the visitor has the opportunity to view the history and development of the Zoutkamp fishery.
In addition, there is an annually changing exhibition, which always has a relationship with Zoutkamp, the sea and fisheries.

Tea factory Houwerzijl

The Tea Factory is a true tea paradise! It houses a unique tourist attraction and a wide range of tea shops under one roof.
This attraction is the Dutch only tea museum, an atmospheric tea shop with perhaps the most extensive tea menu in the world and a fragrant tea shop. It is a wonderful place to learn something about tea, a special accommodation to enjoy a simple cup of tea or extensive tea table and the right place to find that super cute teapot or exclusive tea.


Moddergat museum't Fiskershúske

In the northernmost part of Friesland, close to the Wadden Sea, lies Moddergat: the entire village is a protected monument. Here you can find the museum ‘t Fiskershúske. In this special open-air museum the memories of the disappeared coastal fishing and the fishing culture are kept alive.
Smell the sea and feel the wind in the open air museum ‘t Fiskershúske!

Mill museum 'De Eendragt'

Mill museum ‘De Eendragt’ is housed in a corn mill and houses six attics for viewing. The tourist office is located on the ground floor. You will also find a restored Kromhout medium-pressure engine 40 hp from 1920. You will find a changing exhibition in the first attic and a permanent shell exhibition in showcases and a photo exhibition of mills in Fryslán and Dongeradeel in the second attic. The third attic is the ‘mill model attic’ and in the fourth attic you will find miller’s attributes, farmer’s stuff and carpentry tools. The track-wheel pinions-4 axles can be found in the fifth attic. And from the sixth attic you have a beautiful view of the Lauwersmeer.

Insect world "DoeZoo" in Leens

You may find some itchy creatures as scary as they are interesting, but they are actually all very useful creatures. Insects clean up the mess and help plants spread pollen so that new plants grow. And they form food for other animals, such as birds and reptiles. In DoeZoo you can meet all these animals!
DoeZoo thinks it’s important that everyone can discover nature. Including children and adults with a disability. That’s why we offer you a park in which all the senses play a role: hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting.


AquaZoo Leeuwarden

In AquaZoo you can find all kinds of animals! From capybaras, flamingos, piranhas and wallabies to polar bears, Nile crocodiles, red pandas, turtles and much more.
Explore together and learn all about the special animals during the daily presentations. For example, go on a seal safari and see the animals up close! During the Penguin “Haringhap” Festival you can help feed the penguins.
You can let off steam in the playgrounds and along the exciting adventure routes through the park. Walk across the ditches via tree trunks, cross the swamp at the kangaroos on a raft and jump from stone to stone.


Sanjesfertier Playground Zwaagwesteinde

The Sanjesfertier Playground is the largest and nicest children’s play park in Friesland. There is a great diversity of attractions and playground equipment. Children can play all day long, climb, clamber around in the monkey cage, drive around in the traffic park or build a large castle in the block attic with friends. In addition, there is also an animal park. The animal park brings visitors as close to the animals as possible. For example, there are several walk-through cages and you can walk among the animals on the petting zoo. There are also camels, meerkats, a Belgian horse, nose bears and eagles.

Natuurmuseum Fryslân

In Natuurmuseum Fryslân you can see, hear, smell and feel nature. Above and under water, in the air and on land. Because visiting is experiencing. For young and old. On three floors full of nature’s peculiarities and an indoor courtyard for even more fun activities. Come and experience it!


Dokkum is a multifaceted city. The city enjoys national fame because of Bonifatius and the Elfstedentocht. In Dokkum you will find winding streets, elegant bridges and beautiful old buildings. A city walk is the best way to explore the city.


Schiermonnikoog has wide dunes to picnic in, forests to get lost in, the shallows to discover. And… the widest beach in Europe! Discover the smallest island with the greatest treasures. The Shell Museum and the picturesque village are recommended. Here you will find beautifully restored islander houses, or climb the lighthouse and stroll along the widest sandy beach in Europe. This island is full of surprises, there is always something to do. From Lauwersoog you can take the boat to Schiermonnikoog. The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes.

Cruise National Park Lauwersmeer

On board the nostalgic boat “Vlinderbalg” you can enjoy a pleasant cruise with or without service.
The Vlinderbalg can only be admired in the beautiful Lauwersmeer nature reserve. The Lauwersmeer area consists partly of National Park and partly of spacious waterways. During the cruise, the captain of the ship will tell you about the rich history of the nature reserve and the flora and fauna that can be admired along the way.
“Sail with us and experience the beauty of the Lauwersmeer area in a unique way.”